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Core Drilling We have the latest drilling equipment to core holes horizontally, vertically or overhead using hydraulic, electric or air. Whether for your rooftop drain or a new cellular phone tower we can drill up to 60" in diameter and unlimited depth.

Slab Sawing We can cut asphalt and concrete up to 30" deep. We can perform these tasks using our diesel or electric powered equipment.

Wall Sawing We can cut horizontally and vertically through concrete or masonry walls up to 30" deep from one side with our hydraulic equipment. We’ll use our wall mounted units, hand held saws, chain saws and ring saws to get the job done right. We’re capable of flush cutting as well.

Wire Sawing Make sure you look through our “Gallery” to see why we’re one of the top wire saw companies in the New England area.
The wire sawing system uses a series of guide pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond impregnated wire through concrete. Cost effective for cutting large slabs of reinforced concrete in hard to access areas, even underwater.
Nothing is too large to cut with our unit. Price and less noise may make wire sawing a great option when planning your project.

Hand Sawing No job is too small and our variety of hand saws can make larger projects seem small. From electric to hydraulic we have it all covered.

Saw and Seal We are experienced in the process of concrete joint rehab, saw and seal of asphalt overlays, green sawing, new construction, and maintenance sealing of highways.

Concrete Demolition We have the equipment, experience and dedication to take on any project. Our team of skilled laborers will make quick work of the demolition process and we’ll haul your waste away for you. We’ll keep the site safe and clean while we work. We have a variety of clean air diesel powered or electric powered equipment for interior fume free demolition & excavating projects.

Vacuum Slurry Removal and Disposal We are affiliated with Berkshire Industrial Services which helps us provide clean-up from our concrete cutting. Berkshire Industrial Services, LLC has high powered Gap-Vac trucks to handle the slurry & concrete rubble from our projects and is capable of disposing of them in the proper facility. Check out our Links page to find out more about Berkshire Industrial Services, LLC.